Public Beta

Today, 13 April 2010, I launched the public beta of Akshell. Here is a quick overview of the current Akshell environment.

Ready Tools

These tools should be used in everyday Akshell development.

ak is the basic Akshell library, the foundation of all applications. The documentation describes it in detail.

form is a form-handling library, a port of the Django forms library.

log is a logging utility. It's useful for debugging.

markdown is a library for processing the Markdown language. It's employed in the blog application, which you are using right now. By the way, the blog code is a good example of a common Akshell application.

Work in Progress Tools

These and other tools should make Akshell environment really handy and pleasant.

guard should enable a user to control access of applications to the user's data stored in other applications.

profile should store user profiles and provide an API for accessing them.

config should store configuration information.

All tools are open, their Mercurial repositories are hosted on bitbucket. If you are interested in the development of the environment, you are welcome to join it. Just write me to


April 13, 2010 by korenyushkin